Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy 2011

So, we start a new year and we have a lot of planes and hopes for it. One of then redesign this blog and keep it updated and with new content (sigh).
One of the things that kept me busy lately (besides work, being dad) was a rigging course I did. Professionaly I've done a lot of rigs. But rigging for games it's not a bit deal especially if you work with 3ds Max. Anyway I feel I always feel I need a boost to really get done I high end rig so I take this course, and well it was demanding and time consuming but I think it totally pay off. Here is the reel we have to create at the end of the course. It a bit rought I apologize for that but I have very little time to make it and my edition skills are a bit rusty.
The next goal will be to finish a rig with my new knowledges and animate it and why not a short film. I would love to animate my own characters and know I can provide them a proper rig (yay!)