Sunday, November 11, 2007

November entry

This is an updated version of my november entry for the 11secondclub is still very wip (need tons of work, lipsync, arcs, inbetweens) but I wanna show you something I'm doing in my free time.

I hate this!!

Well, I was working in my new entry for 11secondclub, just starting to create the main poses for the characters, I was almost left behind the fear when you start to develope a new scene from zero and I was enjoying the proccess of pushing further the main poses triying to make then more appealing etc.. and then disaster the main character get screwed (Gods knows why) and I loose a few hours of work. I usually save often because of this but you know s*** happens.
It's really sad that our work can be destroyed by these 3d tool, in my opinion, less and less realiable and buggier in every new version.

Well I feel a bit (just a bit) better I will start again.