Monday, July 31, 2006

Why English?

Some people maybe ask theirshelves why this blog is in English when:
1- It's pretty obvious not is my first language
2- It's pretty obvious I'm far to speak and write English right.

Well I do because is cool... nah just kidding.
Well I need days with 48 hours, yeah I'm a bit busy. One of my objetive is try to improve my English. And this blog was created only for my own amusement so one way I don't feel guilty when I'm spending time in this blog instead of working is because I'm practicing a bit my English.

Weird... I know ;D

The other and not less importat reason is I want to share this blog with as many people I can, I have many friends from other countries and we use english to comunicate each other and I want to use english to comunicate with you too.