Monday, April 14, 2008


I have been thinking about it for a while, working as animator leave very few time to animate at home and work in your owns project, but a feel the necessity to tell something even if is a quick funny story... So I was thinking about a few ideas and I wasn't really sure about what to do. Model and rig new character it is not something I would like to spend to much time to focus on animation that is what I really enjoy. So finaly my wife remember me about a kind of story I started and never finished. I she told me why I never finished. So I decided to start again with it. Hopefully I will be using stewie rig provided for Animation Mentor (facial animation is not my priority in this story) and this way I could do something at home to fill my storytelling needs. There would be time to start with more complex and deep stories but I think this one would be ok to be the first one after a lot of time.

I spend a whole day with my planning and right now I'm animating one shot I hope to show you something in this blog.